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Show your support for the Honor Guard Association!!  Your contributions will assit the Association to accomplish its stated goals.

HG 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin 
This coin was designed by former LTJG Patrick Fernandez when he served as the Honor Guard's Operations Officer during the 50th anniversary year of the Honor Guard.  This is a beautiful coin with an inscription of the Honor Guard core values of "Pride, Poise, and Perfection. The coin also shows the different mission areas, which I am sure all Honor Guard personnel will recognize.  Additionally, it shows the original and current Honor Guard badges.

All proceeds will benefit the Honor Guard Association - helping to offset cost for the annual Honor Guard Ball, fund the Association Mutual Assistance and Scholarship campaign, fund tokens for currently serving members of the Honor Guard, and assist in operating the Association.

Thank you for showing your support!”

  • Support to the active Honor Guard. 
  • Sponsor the Annual Ball and Reunion.
  • Establish and disburse higher-education scholarship funds. 
  • Offer and dispurse Mutual Assistance grants.

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​Ceremonial Honor Guard ​Association, Inc.

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